Udaan Quotes


Ek din aisha bhi ayega Aasmaan k un parindo ki torah main bhi apne sapno ki ek khoobsurat udaan bharungi…

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Boyhood Quotes

Boyhood is a most complex and incomprehensible thing. Even when one has been through it, one does not understand what it was. A man can never quite understand a boy, even when he has been the boy. – Gilbert K. Chesterton


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The Right Guy Quotes Tumblr

Growing up, I didn’t get the talk of ‘Make sure boys take you on a date and treat you right.’ So I was the girl who wasn’t dating and would just text. I dated these guys who didn’t have jobs, and I would always be paying. At one point, I remember looking in the mirror and thinking, ‘You’re too pretty and cool to be treated like this. – Meghan Trainor




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